Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dreams of Cash Made Possible by Teleteria

From day one, my family never had enough money. Life has always been short like that for me until I found www.teleteria.net. From that point on, my whole life has changed. I don't dream of cash anymore, I am actually making it! Teleteria has made it possible for me.

I bought two casino sites and couldn't be more pleased with how successful they have been. Not only is their design stunning but the marketing assistance I got has been just as awesome! Jay Servidio said I'd do well but I think he under estimated just how well they would do.

In a short period of time I have cleared enough money to pay for my sites, search engine package and sock enough money away to put pay for the Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod I have wanted since birth! If it weren't for Teleteria I would never have been able to buy this!

What an awesome experience - and I'm not just talking about the open road on my VRSCA either!

Bob H., Chicago, IL


I owned my own heating and cooling business but found myself out of business after a major competitor moved in practically next door. I was ill prepared for what would follow - no money, no insurance, nothing! In a desperate attempt to make money, I went searching the internet. I ran across a guy in the webmaster chat rooms that told me he could make me more money than I could deal with. I took him at his word and let him design my site and everything.

Little did I know that this guy was full of shit! Trying to fix the damage done by this idiot, I called the one guy he had been bad mouthing. I called Jay Servidio of Teleteria. Jay Servidio listened to me and was very sympathic. He told me what Teleteria could do for me. So I let Teleteria redo my site so that it is fully functioning and is what people want to buy.

Needless to say, I have learned my lesson! I never listen to the negative shit because if someone is getting the negative postings it's probably because they're good and they're a threat to the lousy ones!

After Teleteria designers fixed my site, their marketing department helped me and I began to make money! The dreams I had have been made possible by Teleteria.

Thanks Teleteria! I will refer everyone to www.teleteria.net from now on!

Larry M., Greenville, SC